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Our Dance & Drama Academy in Prescot is for all ages and abilities. Learn more below and join the fun!

About Our Academy

Smile Dance Academy & Performing Arts was established in 1992 by your Principal Sharon Collins-McGee ISTD, IDTA, ALAM, GSMD, LGSMD, a registered friend of the RAD.

Back then the school was called “Sharon Collins School of Dance and Drama” and children and young people were prepared for recognised ballet, tap and modern examinations as well as gaining and all-round triple threat Professional training. This prepared young performers for a career in dance and performing arts should they wish to pursue it.

The school was open for 15 years and since then, many changes have taken place, including the development of the theatre company Smile Productions. Smile Productions was developed alongside providing classes once a week across Merseyside and raising a family.


Dance Academy For All Ages & Abilities

Children and adults of all ages and abilities were given the chance to shine. Classes were held in various church halls all across Merseyside, giving all performers the chance to attend.

As well as these classes, your Principal Sharon taught for many years within Knowsley Council Adult Learning Disability Service.

Smile Productions currently provides dance schools across the UK, USA and Europe with the chance to perform in professional shows in key performance locations such as:

  • Las Vegas
  • New York
  • Salou – Spain
  • Benidorm & Altea – Spain

Sharon also performs professionally live on stage, most recently giving vocal performances on the stage of Broadway NYC, Planet Hollywood Las Vegas and Salou, Spain.

Feeling delighted to have brought Sharon Collins school of Dance and Drama back under the Smile Productions umbrella, we would like to welcome you all to “Smile Dance Academy & Performing Arts” Prescot.

A Safe, Fun & Professional Space

Our Smile HQ is currently based at St Marys Prescot/Liverpool in a clean and secure studio space. We continue to provide a cosy home from home feel for pupils, allowing them to be nurtured within a friendly, caring and safe environment.

All staff are fully qualified and DBS checked for suitability to work with children. We provide Performing arts training for children from walking, right up to young adults!

Dance & Drama Academy Ethos

At Smile Dance Academy and Performing Arts, we believe that dance and the performing arts are a way of life, and every class is an investment in your child’s future. Building confidence and self-esteem whilst developing invaluable self-worth that pupils will carry with them throughout their lives, regardless of the career or pathway they choose.

Our Aim is to create a safe and stimulating environment where pupils are encouraged to develop at their own pace as well as becoming confident and sociable team players, understanding the importance of working with others. With fun, friendship and commitment at our core, we encourage each and every pupil to reach their full potential individually and generically.

Our teachers believe that hard work, discipline and determination are essential, and we encourage all students to believe in themselves and strive to be the best they can be.

Dance Academy Classes Include:


This has a stimulating effect on people, whether they are spectating or performing the style. It’s unique in the way it emphasizes rhythm, syncopation and self-expression by creating music with your feet.

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This is a beautiful core subject that has an important impact on all dance disciplines. It provides correct posture, strength, balance and sensitivity which highlight the dynamics of all aspects of dance.

In addition, ballet requires strong technique, an enormous amount of control and turnout, thus building muscle strength and helping to prevent injury.

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Modern is the foundation of jazz technique that encourages co-ordination, stamina and strength. Additionally, it is fun, contemporary and develops creativity, capturing children’s imaginations. This allows them to express their unique individual qualities through movement.

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This has an aspiring wide spectrum of exciting styles included such as
commercial, musical theatre, singing, lyrical and acro. Jazz class can also push technique alongside developing a sassy, funky and strong sense of performance style.

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Singing, Drama & Acting

Smile Dance Academy and Performing Arts offer a high-quality theatre school training in singing, acting, dance and drama. In addition to preparing children for a performing career, our classes are beneficial in developing confidence, articulation and community skills, whilst encouraging creativity and stretching the imagination, all of which are hugely beneficial through childhood and into adult life.

Pop songs, as well as Musical theatre pieces, are often used as a fun way to bring the best out in the students. Exercises such as script analysis, character breakdown formats, breathing techniques, voice and speech articulation techniques as well as improvisation are a fun way of building self-confidence and self-awareness.

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Limbering and Show Work

Our Limbering sessions also work a lot on kicks, leaps and turns and are an essential part of our dance program promoting and developing core strength. We also combine Acro which is defined by its athletic character, its unique Choreography which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics.

All aspects of dance are embraced in this section of the school. Musical theatre plays an important part, along with multicultural twists always encouraging children to explore a wide range of styles and eras. Part of our program at Smile Dance Academy and Performing Arts is to offer important performance opportunities. These are a huge part of our year and are a fantastic experience for all.

On occasions, extra show work classes or special rehearsals are arranged for intense practice before a show to meet the required standard. Limbering is an essential part of dance as it stretches, strengthens and loosens the body.

Our Limbering sessions also work a lot on kicks, leaps and turns and are an essential part of our dance program promoting and developing core strength.

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Smile Academy Classes Include:

The school is divided into 5 age groups:

  • Smile Tots – walking to 3 year olds
  • Smile Minis – 4 and 5 year olds
  • Smile Juniors – 6 to 8 year olds
  • Smile Inters – 9- 11 year olds
  • Smile Seniors – 12 – 18 year olds

Classes are held multiple times weekly to allow for all theatre school aspects to be covered. Children can take ballet, tap and modern grade examinations and their rate of progress depends on their ability and individual requirements. Taking exams is available but not essential for individual progress.

Children can be moved up a grade without actually taking an exam at the teacher’s discretion, following a discussion with parents/guardian as to what they would like to see happen. Examinations are payable to enter and specific attire is required. Children must commit to extra exam coaching before exams if needed.

We have regular holidays including 2 weeks at Easter and Christmas and 6 weeks summer holidays. We have a Christmas party every year for parents and children to let their hair down and celebrate their success throughout the year!

Our Promise

Class sizes are restricted to a minimum for health and safety purposes and to provide an intimate atmosphere and individual attention where needed.

Recognizing talent – children will be praised for their efforts and achievements. Special awards, medals or certificates will be given at the end of every year.

Examinations – we offer classes that work towards an imperial society of teachers of dancing (ISTD) exams. This is a very high standard faculty which is regularly monitored and audited by the qualifications and curriculum authority (QCA) to ensure that their high standards are maintained.

This stamp of approval reassures parents that the ISTD qualifications are comparable to those within the national qualifications framework at school.

Having fun and performing – children have the option to attend Smile Dance Academy and Performing Arts with the keen drive to train for a career on the stage, or simply make new friends, learn new skills and discover how much they can grow and learn.

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