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Our Favourite 2019 Dance Costumes

As we take a huge leap into January, there’s no better time than now to look back at 2019 and what it has offered us. We’ve performed at Liverpool Empire Theatre for a St Patrick’s Day Special, taken part in Smile Las Vegas, Smile New York, Smile Salou and performed in our hometown of Liverpool for the Smile Liverpool Festival of Dance, Singing, Speech & Drama

2019 has been a jam-packed year full of fun memories and happy achievements for our dancers. We cannot wait to see what 2020 brings as we prepare for some exciting dance shows and dance competitions.

Any dancer will know that a crucial part of any dance show or dance competition, are the dance costumes. From ruched frills to textured mesh and beautiful floral details, we have seen some truly stunning dance costumes throughout 2019. To recognise some of these stunning costumes, we thought we would share some of our favourites from the past year.

Glitz and glam!

Las Vegas is known for its one-of-a-kind shows as well as having the honoured name as the entertainment capital of the world. With show-stopping hotel shows and plenty of family-friendly attractions, Las Vegas Boulevard has something for everyone. Our Smile Las Vegas showcase offers the ultimate performers’ experience.


Our dancers took centre stage at the unmissable Sax theatre, in this amazing state in the heart of the Nevada desert! As you’d expect, the costumes at our Smile Las Vegas dance trip just had to be ultra glitz and glam. Our dancers were styled in their own individual glamorous costumes, from natural nude tones covered in sparkles, to royal blue leotards with mesh panels and shimmery detail.

Sequin Sparkles

It wouldn’t be a Liverpool dance competition without colourful sparkly sequins. Our talented girls did amazingly well at the Smile Liverpool Festival of Dance, Singing, Speech & Drama. The aim of the festival is to cultivate the study of dance, singing, speech & drama in Liverpool and surrounding areas. With a vast amount of artistic talent throughout the city, the festival brings together a variety of outstanding performers. 


If our dancers weren’t shining enough during their performances, they were certainly shining in their costumes! To keep within the theme, the dance teachers matched the girls’ glittery makeup with their outfits and styled their hair with a traditional 80’s crimp.


Our participating dancers performed like never before in the Teatre Auditori for our Smile Salou trip, which is the perfect newly found home for the Smile productions “Smile Salou” showcase. The dancers shared this fantastic performance opportunity together with the Smile team in this beautiful cultural city. This entertainment destination certainly has everything you need for an amazing dance school performance trip!

A big part of our dance trip to Salou was to experience the artistic culture, some schools chose to perform traditional spanish dance styles such as flamenco, wearing red and black spanish dresses enhancing there bold and strong Spanish style. There is so much fun to be had when exploring costumes in-keeping with a variation of dance styles.

These girls were dressed in beautifully designed colourful dance costumes with blue ruffled feathered shoulders, to keep in the tradition of the musical theatre piece they had chosen! Of course, the girls kept in theme by pairing their costumes with a red lip and slicked-back hair in a bun.

Plaid Patterns

Where Times Square meets Broadway! These talented young ladies thrived in New York in July where they performed in the beating heart of the big apple, at the one and only New York Town Hall Theatre. As you’d expect, New York is brimming with superstars and all kinds of talent.

For one of their main performances, the girls wore pretty plaid patterns which were definitely not lacking colour! The girls wore pointe ballet shoes underneath colour-coordinated thigh-high socks, which meant they could comfortably perform with the necessary support.

These costumes were worn by our young ladies to perform a beautiful Vivian Westwood style piece, which was choreographed by Natalie Pearl, the Principal of First Position School Of Dance from Bournemouth, UK.

Not only did we gain valuable insight into New York and a new world of performing that left even our performers starstruck, but it was the perfect opportunity for the girls to have a break and visit some of the best local attractions in New York City. It was an outstanding performance with the costumes perfectly created!

Get involved with all the fun!

We want to provide performing arts students, dance school teachers and parents with the opportunity to perform, experience and make memories of a lifetime! Combining a passion for dance, over 30 years’ experience and a mission to broaden the aspirations for performers of all ages; Smile Productions aims to deliver fantastic dance tours and performing arts shows across the world.

Our expert and friendly team is comprised of registered matrons, chaperones and theatre professionals with years of experience. We all work very hard behind the scenes to produce a safe working environment and a smooth-running show for all of our clients. 

We continue to present new and interesting opportunities for dance schools to grow and learn in a way that they truly deserve! Combining a passion for dance, over 30 years’ experience and a mission to broaden the aspirations for performers of all ages; Smile Productions aims to deliver fantastic dance tours and performing arts shows across the world.

So if you’re looking for a performing arts school trip or if you’re really keen on getting your child involved in shows or festivals, we’d be happy to help! Get in touch with us today for a free entry pack.

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