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The Best Ways To Prepare For A Dance Show

As a dance production company, we have organised many dance shows for talented performers around the UK, and we’ve met thousands of talented performers from a variety of ages and experience.

One thing to remember is that it’s entirely normal to get nervous before performing, and even the most experienced performers get apprehensive and nervous from time to time. However, being on the stage really is a feeling like no other. From the atmosphere, music, buzz and the crowds, there are many psychological benefits of performing on stage.

Whether you’re feeling nervous for an upcoming dance school trip, or just simply looking for ways to prepare for an astounding performance, there are several pre-performance rituals that help many performers before heading onto the big stage. 

To give you some support and guidance, we have listed some of the best ways to prepare for an upcoming dance show.

Practice Makes Perfect

Dance routines require a lot of hours of practice but are extremely rewarding. Some dancers will learn a dance routine quickly, whereas others will take slightly more time and patience to master each step. One thing to be sure of is that practise really does make perfect, as long as you are practising correctly. To do this you must listen to your corrections in class and apply them when practising, then before you know it you’ll be on stage smashing that all-important dance routine!

Don’t be afraid to take your time and ask your dance teacher to go over techniques that you aren’t feeling as confident in. This will help condition your body and mind to perfect every move in your performance.

A key piece of advice is to practice around friends and family outside of your dance class, as this is the best way of building your individual confidence as well as gaining valuable feedback and constructive criticism.

Always remember that if a teacher corrects you in class and seems to do this often, that they see your potential and want to work with you to get it right. Always take this as a positive and keep working hard. Remember, they want you to succeed!

Most of all, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, as your mistakes are the stepping stone to improving your dance skills and learning about what does and doesn’t work. Everyone makes mistakes, and often, dance mistakes go unnoticed by an audience if you perform with confidence and carry on.

The Right Food

What you eat can affect the way you feel and perform, which is why the lunch, snacks and drinks you consume before your dance show should be thoroughly considered. For best performance, dancers are recommended to eat a meal high in carbohydrates, moderate protein and healthy fats. 

Bananas are great for giving a well-needed energy boost before heading out on stage, but they’re also perfect for alleviating stage fright. Choose fruit that is high in vitamins such as a banana, watermelon and berries. It’s important to remember that there’s no better way to start the day than a good, healthy and nutritious breakfast. 

Hydration is absolutely essential when performing on the stage. With plenty of dancing and performing, comes a lot of sweat and dehydration. Drinking plenty of water ensures hydration and energy ahead of the performance. Drinking water also maintains a regular body temperature throughout different environmental conditions, which is essential for those energy-fuelled performances.

Get Plenty of Rest

It’s very common to feel nervous the night before your dance show performance, but it’s how you channel these nerves into producing a successful performance. You’re going to want to wake up feeling fresh, revived and focused on the morning of your performance.

The night before your dance show performance, have a light dinner and plenty of water to keep you hydrated. You’ll also want to try to get an early night, as sometimes the day before the performance is typically filled with the last-minute panic and rush for rehearsals and finalising the routine. 

Be Organised

Before heading to your performance venue, you’ll most likely be making a list of essential items, which might include food, drink, medicine, makeup, makeup wipes, deodorant, a mobile phone and a change of clothes. With so many things to remember to take, it’s safe to be organised to avoid any last-minute panic.

During the night before, pack everything you think you’ll need. Some people prefer to store small items in a clear plastic zip-up bag, which makes it easier to check what is and isn’t there. All of our dance students benefit from having a checklist, but it’s up to students (or a parent/guardian) to ensure that these essential items are brought to the dance show.

Arrive Early

Give yourself enough time to check-in and have some last-minute practice prior to your performance. A good, thorough warm-up is the best way to ready yourself for a performance, so relax and arrive with plenty of time. If you feel like it might help your performance, get some last-minute practice in with your group.

Arriving early is also great for calming yourself if you begin to feel nervous before your dance show, so it’s best to take a seat and take some deep, slow breaths to calm yourself down.

Don’t Forget to Stretch!

Stretching is sometimes forgotten about before a performance, therefore always listen to your teachers’ advice and warm up thoroughly every time to avoid injury. Warm-up at home and again at the venue. A good stretch out will loosen up your body and get your blood pumping in preparation for the all-important performance.

Stretching is the best way to gain flexibility and prevent any potential muscle injuries during your performance.

An Experience for Dancers, Parents, Friends & Family

Most of all, take advantage of every moment on stage and don’t forget to embrace it. Dance shows are your time to shine, so try not to let a few butterflies stop you from having fun.

A dance tour with Smile Productions will truly set your dancers up for the future. We want to provide dance teachers, dancers, parents and friends the opportunity to grow whilst still having fun and doing what they love doing. All involved will learn and develop without even realising it is happening, sharing memories with their dance friends whilst their parents watch from the sidelines.

If you’re ready to perform on the main stage and watch your dancers and children have the trip of a lifetime, get in touch today.

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