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Dance Holidays & Performing Arts Trips

We provide educational, performance and dance tours. Offering exceptional customer service and tailored packages for you and your dance students.

We want to provide performing arts students, dance school teachers and parents with the opportunity to perform, experience and make memories of a lifetime!

Combining a passion for dance, over 30 years’ experience and a mission to broaden the aspirations for performers of all ages; Smile Productions aims to deliver fantastic dance tours and performing arts shows across the world.

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Performance Trips Abroad, UK Dance Competitions and Shows

At Smile Productions we are passionate about all things dance. Our three core services include performance trips abroad, UK dance competitions / shows and Liverpool based dance classes.

Does your dance troupe, choir group or local performing arts school deserve an experience like nothing before? Take your students on a dance holiday of a lifetime to participate in dance shows, choir performances and performing arts displays?

Let Smile Productions organise this for you to ensure a smooth, seamless and exciting experience for the dancers, parents and teachers alike.

Watch your students grow and develop with our international Dance school trips. There is only so much experience your dance or performing art group troupe can gain from classes, shows and textbooks. With Smile Productions, we take them one step closer to greatness by giving them the unique opportunity to explore and perform around the world. Take on a breath-taking adventure and give them an exclusive advantage.

Our tour experts coordinate dance, choir, performing arts, acrobatics and drama performances across the world.  Whether you’re cheerleading team or ballet dancers, we give you the opportunity to perform on world famous stages, including Broadway theatres in New York, Salou in Spain, Benidorm and Las Vegas Boulevard in West USA.

Our Aim

Our aim at Smile Productions

At Smile Productions, we have one mission, and that mission is simple. We aim to provide performing arts students with opportunities, experiences, and memories that will last a lifetime! With Smile Productions, the thought of dancing in an international dance show doesn’t just have to be a dream. We can make it into a reality for dance-hungry superstars and their teachers.

It’s Your Time to Shine

With some of the fantastic dance tour opportunities organised by Smile Productions, performers can showcase their talents and gain valuable, reliable stage experience alongside fellow professionals at spectacular venues locally and internationally! This is perfect if any of your dancers are dreaming of pursuing a career in dance and one day, becoming like their idols and performing for a living on some of the most famous stages around the world.

Together, whilst appreciating and respecting the creativity of others, in an exciting and genuinely dedicated safe environment, Smile Productions will continue to present new and interesting opportunities for dance schools to grow and learn in a way that they truly deserve.

A Bit More About Us

What Makes Smile Productions Different?

At Smile Productions, we do things a little differently. Combining years of performance skills with a real love and passion for all things dance, drama and performance, we strive to provide our groups with memorable experiences whilst giving the opportunities they need to be able to grow and spread their wings as young performers.

Dance Trips Done Right

Whether it’s a dance holiday or UK dance shows that you wish your school to participate in, we meticulously plan every aspect of your dance experience to ensure an enjoyable memory for dancers, professionals and parents. Our performance trips are flexible to suit all families, creating inclusivity.

We know the stress that can be involved in planning trips to this scale, we take away that stress and keep things simple, leaving you to enjoy it from start to finish! If you’ve always been dreaming of whisking your troupe away to New York to dance on Broadway or you want to test their skills at UK dance competitions, get in touch with Smile Productions today and we’ll organise the perfect experience for you and your school.

Integrated and innovative

We are an integrated and innovative company, aiming to produce outstanding dance school performance opportunities both in the UK and internationally. We’re constantly creating new and innovative experiences for our customers, broadening the horizon of dance and performance opportunities for all.

Abundance of experience

We have over 30 years of experience working with both principals, performers and parents alike. When we organise our dance trips, we like to make sure everyone is involved in the process. After all, dance troupes are like one big family! We also offer a cash back for Principals scheme to support the head of the group with flights and accommodation.

Diverse youth dance culture

Our shows and events represent the diverse youth dance culture of today. We give young people the valuable stage experience they need to assist them in becoming the knowledgeable more rounded professionals of tomorrow. No matter what level your dance school is at or the current age range you have, our trips are inclusive and ideal for dance troupes of all shapes and sizes.

Brilliant opportunities

Get ready to razzle and dazzle at some of the most prestigious performance capitals in the world.  The opportunities we offer gives troupes of all ages and abilities the chance to shine, not only locally but internationally. If you want to push your dancers out of their comfort zone and give them the chance to dance on Broadway, now is the time!

Competitions and festivals

We promise that our dance competitions and performing arts festivals will always be adjudicated by impartial, fully qualified and experienced professionals. The Smile Show Team are made up of registered theatre professionals. Everything is judged fairly, so that dancers and parents can rest assured they will be performing in a safe and fun environment with other dance enthusiasts who share their same passion for dance and the performing arts.

Pleasurable experience

When you take part in a Smile Productions trip or show, you can rest assured that we will do all we can to make it a pleasurable experience and a huge success for principals, parents and performers alike.

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If you’re looking to reward your loyal students with a fun and memorable dance holiday, or you wish to push your dancers out of their comfort zone by allowing them to dance on some of the world’s most famous stages, get in touch with us at Smile Productions today.

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