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New York Dance School Trips


Show Dates for Smile New York 2021

There is currently 2 available show date on offer in 2021 for this once in a lifetime performance opportunity!

Tuesday 27th July 2021
Places still available for this date

Thursday 29th July 2021
Places still available for this date

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Smile New York

Get your jazz hands ready!

Get your jazz hands ready and start spreading the news!

Smile Productions are yet again returning to New York in 2021! With talented young dancers who are lucky enough to make it there to dance on Broadway! We’ll make it anywhere! Yes, that’s right! Smile Productions are taking selected lucky young dancers to perform in New York City!

Concrete jungle where dreams are made! Your dance school could be performing right here in the beating heart of the big apple on our Broadway dance tours! Where Times Square meets Broadway! Right on 43rd street at the beautiful and historic one and only “New York Town Hall Theatre!”

It’s time to take your skills to the Big Apple! If you’ve always dreamt of taking your dance school on an international dance holiday, Smile Productions can help you embark on an adventure to New York to attend our Smile New York Showcase.

After helping dance teachers and parents alike to plan dance holidays for their students or children, we’ve gained valuable insight into New York. This means we can provide you with useful information and recommendations to help you plan the perfect trip!

New York is one of the world’s most famous places for performances, with a reputation that leaves little performers starstruck. Did you know that breakdancing was actually first created in New York in the 1970s? It’s also the home of the New York City Ballet, a company that we’re sure your students look up to on the regular.

£1000 or more cash back for Principals!
(*Full terms & conditions apply)

New York is a bustling city brimming with all kinds of talent and dance genres. With Smile Productions, you can get your dancing superstars one step closer to their dream by attending the Smile New York Showcase.

What’s Involved?

There’s so much involved when you plan a trip to New York with the help of Smile Productions’ recommendations and insight! Not only will your students get the chance to perform at our showcase, held at the New York Town Hall Theatre, but they might even get the chance to meet some of their beloved Broadway stars whilst you’re sightseeing, taking workshops or dining out.

Here’s what else you can plan for your New York dance trip, as well as some little goodies you can expect from Smile Productions::

  • Souvenir programme
  • Special award
  • T-shirt
  • Broadway workshops
  • Dine at Ellen’s Stardust Diner
  • Enjoy the bustling city of New York
  • Dance in Times Square

Whilst anyone can plan a holiday to New York, nothing quite compares to the amazement and wonder of attending Smile Productions New York showcase. We ensure to provide you with all the information you need to plan everything meticulously to ensure a magical and memorable trip for all.

For Every Dance School

We strongly believe that every aspiring dancer should be able to witness the magic of New York. 

Not only will it give them an insight into the life of a New York Broadway dancer, but it’ll also give them the confidence boost they need to take their dancing one step further.

Our Smile New York dance school performance trip is ideal for all kinds of dance schools. Whether you’ve just opened your doors to new students or you’ve got a wide

All the Important Things, Taken Care of

As a dance teacher, it can seem like a huge responsibility to get all your dance trip on a plane and fly them off to New York! However, at Smile Productions, we can guide you through the process with our years of knowledge and experience of assisting with New York dance trips, so you can enjoy the fun stuff

Whilst we can help you organise your trip by doing things such as carefully planning your itinerary to give you ideas of what to do during your trip, you can work on perfecting your dance routines ready for the stage, or preparing your dancers techniques so they’re ready to attend the workshops.

We understand the stress involved in organising a dance holiday, which is why we want to help you handle some of the responsibility to ensure a seamless and enjoyable process for dance teachers, students and parents alike.

We’re Here to Help

If you need help planning your New York dance trip, just get in touch with us today! We’ll be able to help you plan you the most amazing trip that’ll be remembered by your dancers for years to come.

With our wealth of knowledge on New York, we can give you recommendations on where to stay, based on previous dance holidays to New York, as well as give you suggestions of things you should add to your itinerary.

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The Theatre

This beautiful classically tiered original theatre will welcome you like no other, seeped in history it displays all of the grace and charm a real Broadway theatre should display!

From its lavish architecture and beautiful interior, shining on the doorstep of the New York theatre district, this theatre is the perfect place for Smile Productions and the New York town hall theatre to come together, to create the classy, professionally run theatre production that your dance school truly deserves and will only experience with Smile Productions!

This breath-taking experience will be one you and your school can fully embrace with our team and will never ever forget! Creating such special memories that will last a life time! Your school will share this fantastic performance opportunity together with the Smile team in this iconic state, home to the Empire State Building, Statue of liberty, central park and many other iconic sights! New York is an amazing place to visit with the family and the list of things to do and see is endless! There really is something for everyone!

So not only will you perform on this prestigious iconic world stage where so many amazing artists have stood before you, from German composer Strauss to the legendary Whitney Houston, from Louis Armstrong, Bob Dylan, Robin Williams and everyone in-between.

You will also enjoy the holiday of a life time doing everything from taking in a Broadway musical, dining at the legendary Ellen’s stardust dinner, or even taking dance workshops at Broadway studios from their extensive timetable! You most definitely will enjoy creating memories with your dance school family that will stay with you all forever!

The participating children from your school and their families can book as short or as long a stay as they like to be part of this exceptional experience! You can even do a group booking as Principal in a hotel of your choice. It’s entirely up to you!

Further Information

Conditions of participation and stage time:

Large groups – If you have 15 performers coming with us from your school; this will gain you ten minutes stage time in total. For every additional performer that you bring you will gain an additional 40 seconds stage time, eg 21 performers in total would equal 14 minutes total stage time. You can perform your overall stage time by breaking your allocated time down into smaller 3-5 minute slots; we can discuss this in more depth with you once you know how many performers you will have. Minimum age is 3 years, no maximum age. Adult groups welcome!

Small groups – We also except groups as small as 5 to perform a 3-and-a-half-minute routine in the show, for every additional performer thereafter you will gain an additional 40 seconds stage time, so with ten performers you could even have enough stage time to do 2 routines.

Entry fee is £275 per dancer and this includes:

Inclusion into the amazing show & performance experience at New York town Hall Theatre that is “Smile New York”

  • A stage rehearsal that will maximise this experience to the full!
  • A free limited-edition souvenir t-shirt to be worn during our spectacular finale which every performer will be part of!
  • A Smile Production “Smile New York” special award!
  • One free ticket for the “Smile New York” show for 1 family member worth £35.
  • A souvenir show program to keep of this performance memory of a lifetime!

We want to make sure you have a happy and healthy dance school or theatre school. In order to be accepted for the “Smile Las Vegas” showcase you must send an audition video clip via email, of your dance school or group performing, be it on stage or during class. This does not have to be a professional video, we simply want to see what your dance school has to offer. The team at Smile Productions will be looking out to make sure your dancers are well trained performers, regardless of the level they have achieved.

Deposit and balance payment schedule

A £100 (non-refundable deposit) is payable 8 weeks following your provisional reservation and a successful audition. This should be sent to Smile productions along with a list of the performers full names and will reserve your schools place. Late reservations will only be available subject to availability. The full balance then has to be paid by an agreed date (also non-refundable).

It is the Principal of the group’s responsibility to make parents aware, that entry fees are non-refundable. You should also make parents aware that a contract of agreement for participation into this event will be entered into at a later date, this will need to be signed and returned to Smile productions upon receipt of your school’s final balance.

Important information

You will then await the “Green Light” from Smile Productions to signal you are OK to advise your parents, to go ahead and book their flights and accommodation

The “Green Light” will only be given upon receipt of your schools full balance, as soon as you confirm to parents that it’s paid and you have received the “Green light” from Smile productions, it is then that you can allow them to book and not before.

This is the best way to ensure full and generic commitment from all party’s before booking holidays.

Fund raising

You can do lots of things to help your group get to New York and experience this trip of a lifetime!

You can fund raise and have so much fun preparing for this special occasion with extra rehearsals and the buzz and excitement that will surround it!

From bag packing in your local supermarket to charity nights and other events, spot the balls to car boot sales, sponsored walks to sponsored dancethons! The list is endless!

During your schools stay in New York there are so many things to do, and on the big show day itself you and your dancers will be greeted by the smile productions team and feel a huge warm “Smile New York” welcome!

Show day

You will need to arrive at the venue for approximately 10am with hair and make-up already done  where performers will embark on their stage rehearsal in practise clothes.

School principals and at least 1 other chaperone must remain with the performers throughout and will be fully supported by the Smile team (A child care ratio of 1:10 will be allowed back stage this ratio also includes you the Principal.

All chaperones must hold and show evidence of an up to date DBS prior to the trip for safeguarding and insurance purposes).

Parents and the rest of the family can go off at this point to do their own thing but must arrive back at the venue for 3pm to prepare for the start of the show at 4pm.

At the end of the show dancers will be collected at a designated point inside the venue.


Costume must be carefully thought out and suitable for quick and easy changes. This will ensure a smooth running of the show. Naked undressing will not be permitted and where complete undressing is necessary, then a nude undergarment is essential to allow for unisex communal changing in within the space given.


Each dancer’s entry includes 1 free ticket worth £35.00 any further tickets can be purchased from Smile Productions prior to the trip here in the UK.

Program and T-shirt

Our souvenir program will include a write up and pictures of your group, this along with every dancers T-shirt will be given to you the principal whilst in the UK, so that you can give them to every dancer before they leave for New York.

Register your interest

Simply contact Smile Productions using the button below, then once you have spoken to parents and have a group with a minimum of 5 dancers, deposits must be collected and can be sent to Smile Productions either by cheque made payable to Smile Productions, or you can ask for our bank details and a transfer can be made.

This must be sent as one payment directly from you the Principal and not individually from parents. Should you wish to pay by cash, Smile Productions may be able to provide a personal courier service upon request.

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*Full terms & conditions for cash back

Upon receipt of a non-refundable full payment for 25 or more performers to participate in the Smile productions Smile New York show, Principal will receive from Smile productions £1000 cash back which can be used to pay for the Principals own flight and accommodation.

This will also apply to further multiples of 25 non-refundable full paying performers, for example; upon receipt of the non-refundable full payment for 50 or more performers to participate in the Smile productions Smile New York show, Principal will receive from Smile productions £2000 cash back.

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