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What’s Inside a Dance Mum’s Bag?

Haven’t you always wondered what’s inside a Dance Mum’s bag? It’s just so big! For someone who isn’t even dancing, she sure has brought a lot of stuff.

Smile Productions absolutely understand all of the efforts that a Dance Mum goes through to ensure that her child has all the essentials to shine on stage. In this post, we are going to shine some light onto the Dance Mum herself and give her the credit she deserves!

From the biggest bottle of hair spray you’ve ever seen to an infinite supply of baby wipes like a clown’s never-ending handkerchiefs! Keep reading to find out one of life’s great mysteries; what’s inside a Dance Mum’s bag? 

Lots of Fruit!

What’s that old saying; “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Well, a Dance Mum never forgets! Dance Mums really show their maternal instincts when it comes to ensuring their child is fully nourished and ready to perform on stage. 

Bananas aren’t just great for giving dancers a bit of well-needed energy before going back out on stage but they are also scientifically proven to alleviate stage fright. Why? Bananas are very high in B vitamins, which are known by nutritionists to help calm the nervous system. Potassium-rich foods such as these are eaten by many top performers for their anti-anxiety and calming effects. 

Oranges are another staple of the Dance Mum’s lunchbox. Oranges are known as a high-energy food due to their high level of vitamin C. It is this combination of Vitamin C and the natural sugar found in oranges which help reduce fatigue levels and gives your little showstopper a well-needed boost as and when needed. 

Hair Accessories

For a lot of Dance Mums, this one can end up taking up half the space in the bag! For dancers going through a lot of different performances, they’ll more than likely need multiple accessories and hairstyle changes. Also, having a little spruce up can be absolutely vital to keep your little stars looking their best on stage. 

A lot of little dancers may even require to make alterations to their hair in between their dances, in which case there’s only one hero for the job… the Dance Mum.

Brushes, bobbles, clips, scrunchies, hairspray and more is what you can expect to see in a Dance Mums bag. We don’t mean just one of each! Expect their bag to be fully equipped with tons of spares and backs ups. Where do all those missing bobby pins end up anyway?


Besides from just make-up, there’s a whole host of toiletries which you are likely to see a Dance Mum handing out. Deodorant, body spray, vaseline and baby wipes are some of the most common equipment which can be found in a Dance Mums bag in order to keep her little performer feeling fresh up on stage. 

Bandages and Plasters

A lot of Dance Mums can end up with enough bandages and plasters for an entire first aid kit. Who can blame them after all? Performing can often come with scuffs and scrapes, especially with floorwork! 

Despite the fun that goes with it, being part of dance academies and performing in shows can often feel like a very strenuous activity.. Blisters and sore heals are unfortunately a necessary evil which often comes with this. However, the Dance Mums spare supply of plasters can be what makes all the difference to shine in comfort up on stage. 

(At Least One) Water Bottle

This is a definite one. You would be hard-pressed to find a Dance Mum in the world who goes to any performance or rehearsal without having at least one water bottle in her bag. Hydration is absolutely essential to dance performances for a wide variety of reasons.

It is well known that water is absolutely vital to maintaining top performance and good health for a variety of reasons. For one, it regulates your body temperature and lubricates your joints. It is also essential for effective transportation of nutrients around the body. The transporting of nutrients is ultimately what is needed to give you energy and keep you healthy. 

It’s as simple as this – your body cannot perform at its highest level if you’re not hydrated and a Dance Mum knows this!

Shoes for the Occasion

As we all know, there are a wide variety of shoes and accessories which come with dance performances. Many Dance Mums will end up responsible for carrying around a pair of jazz shoes, (at least one) pairs of ballet slippers and enough dance socks to make a duvet out of! 

Those involved in hip-hop dancing may even be required to bring a pair of combat boots or trainers as well. That’s a lot of shoes, which is why so many Dance Mums can end up carrying around a bag big enough for a week away!

Performance Make-Up

When it comes to dance shows, a lot of performers will be required to bring a suitcase worth of make-up to alter their appearance between shows. Who gets left with the responsibility of carrying this all around and even applying it most the time as well? You guessed it….

From mattifying primers, heavy-duty foundations, face and body glitter and an array of colourful eyeshadows, The Dance Mums bag may as well be a beautician’s trolley case half of the time. 

Makeup is essential for adding character to performers on stage, setting the scene and helping the audience to pick out certain characters. Also, stage lights are renowned for washing out your complexion, so blush is a must to avoid looking like a ghost (unless of course, that is the desired effect, such as for a Halloween show).

A Shout Out to Dance Dads

What about the Dance Dads? Do their bags differ? From late-night lifts to rehearsals to taking up their whole Sunday to watch their little ones perform; we here at Smile Productions thoroughly believe that Dance Dads do not get the credit they deserve. 

The Dance Dads bag is most likely to contain all the same stuff as the Dance Mums. However, whilst they may not always be as good as fixing up makeup, you best believe they’ll bring the most heavy-duty plasters that you’ve ever seen! Meaning you won’t have to worry about dancers’ feet ever again.

Smile Productions Are Here to Help

Are you a Dance Mum who wants to give your child the best opportunities possible? Smile Productions are here to help.

Our expert and friendly team is comprised of registered matrons, chaperones and theatre professionals. We all work very hard behind the scenes to produce a safe working environment and a smooth-running show for all of our clients. 

Performance group travel is such an amazing way to develop dancers and enhance their dance portfolio. Get in touch with us today and create an unmissable dance holiday experience for your dance school!

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