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Showday Must-Haves For 2020

If your child’s 2020 showday is approaching, you’re most likely wondering what additional accessories you should be packing. From healthy show snacks to a hairbrush and extra tights, there are inevitably several bits and bobs that you’ll either forget or wouldn’t think to pack. Whilst not all of these are essential, they are items that will definitely come in handy ahead of show day.

In this blog, we talk through some handy items you’ll want to pack ahead of your child’s show day.

Healthy Show Snacks

What you eat really can affect the way you feel and perform, which is why the lunch and snacks your child takes to show day should be thoroughly considered!

If you’ve read our previous blog on what’s inside a dance mum’s bag, you’ll know that fruit is the perfect healthy show snack. Bananas are great for giving a well-needed energy boost before heading out on stage, but they’re also perfect for alleviating stage fright. Choose fruit that is high in vitamins such as banana, watermelon and berries. It’s important to remember that there’s no better way to start the day than a good, healthy and nutritious breakfast. For best performance, dancers are recommended to eat a meal high in carbohydrates, moderate protein and healthy fat. 

It’s safer to avoid packing anything processed or too high in sugar or salt, as these will take longer to digest and could potentially contribute to stomach cramps or nausea if consumed before a performance.

Water Bottle

Hydration is absolutely essential when your little ones are attending show day. It can be a long and very energetic day so taking a water bottle is strongly advised for performing at their highest level. With plenty of dancing and performing, comes a lot of sweat and dehydration. Drinking plenty of water ensures that your child is hydrated, healthy and full of energy ahead of their performance. Another advantage of dancers drinking water is that it maintains a regular body temperature throughout different environmental conditions.

Whilst it might be tempting, you should avoid letting your child drink sugary energy drinks before a dance show as this can cause them to feel bloated and potentially sick.

Dance Costumes

This might seem like a very obvious one, but you don’t want to forget the costume! Dance sections are to be complemented by beautiful costumes to enhance the theme or genre performed.

Loose clothing is also encouraged. It’s recommended to not wear any restrictive clothing that will be difficult to go over the head. When it comes to changing out of this clothing to get into the finale outfit, you won’t want anything that will mess up those perfect hairstyles which took all morning to prepare!

It’s all about the shoes – remember to take a pair of comfortable dancing shoes. If tights play an important role in your costume, it wouldn’t hurt to pack some extra pairs. If you’ve worn tights before, you’ll know how easy they snag and catch on things.

Performance Make-Up

Most dance shows involve a lot of makeup as it adds character to on-stage performers and sets the scene for all dancers. From mattifying heavy-duty foundations, face and body glitter and an array of colourful eyeshadows and highlighters, performance makeup is essential in any dance show!

When it comes to showday, you can never have too much makeup, so don’t worry if you’re worried about taking too much!


To make sure your child is feeling fresh on showday, it’s always recommended to pack a few toiletries in your bag for your little performer. You’ll certainly want to pack baby wipes for removing performance makeup or any other mishaps.

Another ‘must’ is some deodorant! Whilst pre-show rehearsals can get very energetic, you can never underestimate how far a spritz of deodorant can go.

Hair Brush, Hair Ties, Hair Grips

Hair plays an important role in the performance presentation, with some shows needing multiple hairstyle changes and alterations. Ensuring you have all the necessary hair accessories is vital! This might include a hairbrush, hair ties, scrunchies and hair grips to keep stray hair away from their faces. Most importantly, you won’t want to forget a can of hairspray to hold the hair in place all day long!

If you’re a dance mum, you’ll understand just how many hair grips and bobbles will get lost in your bag!

Medication and Plasters

A showday can be long and can sometimes take up an entire day! For this reason, you’re going to want to pack all medication that your child will need, which also includes painkillers for any pesky headaches! Prepare all medication in a small container and don’t forget to name it too.

Whilst it’s very unlikely for your child to get cuts, it is likely that they may get the odd graze and blister from shoes. After all, performing can often come with scuffs and scrapes, especially with floorwork! We always recommend bringing heavy-duty plasters and vaseline.

Experience it for Yourself

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