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Dance, Singing, Speech & Drama Festivals Explained

Festivals are a fantastic occasion for dance, singing, speech and drama to be celebrated and showcased. Lively atmosphere, talented performers and an incredible experience, which are just some of the reasons why festivals are so popular amongst our dance students.

The buildup to a performance festival can be exciting and challenging, but extremely rewarding! We really can promise that festivals encourage and develop the stars of tomorrow, ensuring a fantastic learning experience. Smile Productions aim to encourage and reward those showing promise in these talents and increase the interest of the public in these arts. 

For those mums or dads with children who are new to the world of Smile Productions, you might be unaware of how dance festivals work. This article explains Dance, Singing Speech & Drama Festivals and what to expect if your child is taking part.

Practice makes perfect

Preparing for a festival involves lots of practice, with plenty of rehearsals to perfect the performance. This also involves dress rehearsals, with students wearing their full costume as they would during the main performance, giving us the chance to iron out any issues with their costume.

Rehearsals can take a lot of time with regular rehearsals, although it won’t interfere with your child’s school day.


We believe teamwork really does make the dream work! Performing in a group is a great way to meet new people and become lifelong friends. It really is an incredible way of socialising! They can learn together, encourage each other and help each other practice lines, dances and songs.

Looking the part!

Dance sections at Festivals are to be complimented by beautiful costumes, enhancing the theme or genre performed. Bold costumes can make you even more memorable to the adjudicators at festivals and making good use of costumes can be a great tool, even though the final decisions are all about the quality of the work presented, good costumes and make up is vital! Of course, an outfit or prop can really change the performance completely and make it ‘come to life if appropriate!’  

Whilst outfits are often suggested and arranged by teachers, you may need to buy odd bits-and-bobs to accompany the performer’s outfit, and have your input according to cost and availability.

Festival timings

Festivals can vary in the duration or the amount of days. Often, they can take place throughout the entire weekend, so this may involve your child performing on both Saturday and Sunday throughout the daytime. We welcome all parents to attend all parts of the festival to support their young superstar!

Gaining experience, knowledge and confidence

Performers can showcase their talents and gain valuable, reliable stage experience alongside fellow professionals at spectacular venues locally and internationally! Festivals are an environment where performers can appreciate and respect the creativity of others. As time goes on, performers will gain more and more confidence and knowledge. At Smile Productions we use very knowledgeable and experienced adjudicators, all offering constructive critique delivered with clarity and diction. Our adjudicators are renowned for their wealth of knowledge within the industry, allowing the best possible start for your budding starlets. 

Having fun

Competitions should always be a fun and exciting time for students of all ages and we’ll make sure of that by organising all the finer details for you. This will leave both teachers and dancers with the time to enjoy the competition and show off their jaw-dropping pieces. There is always time for students to watch other performances during the festival whilst they aren’t performing. This is a fantastic experience for students to let their hair down and have fun!


Our very own Sharon Collins has so many happy memories of developing her skills as a youngster at the old Liverpool speech and drama festival, so we’re sure all students will create their own happy memories!

Smile Liverpool Festival of Dance, Singing, Speech & Drama

Our next upcoming festival is the Smile Liverpool Festival of Dance, Singing, Speech & Drama, which is taking place on the weekend of 15th and 16th February, 2020, for the fourth year in a row. The aim of the festival is to cultivate the study of dance, singing, speech & drama and create a wonderful learning platform for all. 

Over the past three years, Smile Liverpool Festival of Dance, Singing, Speech & Drama has become the ultimate festival for Liverpool and surrounding areas, dance/theatre schools and drama school calendar! We know the February 2020 festival will be no exception, with schools joining us from much further afield. You will see lots of exciting changes, new sections, workshops, dance class competitions and more. You won’t want to miss out on this one, we have some fantastic sections that your school will love! 

Let Smile Productions organise this for you to ensure a smooth, seamless and exciting experience for the dancers, parents and teachers alike. We ensure our festivals take place in an excited and genuinely dedicated safe environment.

The closing date for all entries is Friday 19th December 2019, so please make sure you complete this on time. For more information and to get your entry form, please send Sharon an email at

Smile Productions Are Here to Help

We want to provide performing arts students, dance school teachers and parents with the opportunity to perform, experience and make memories of a lifetime! Combining a passion for dance, over 30 years’ experience and a mission to broaden the aspirations for performers of all ages; Smile Productions aims to deliver fantastic dance tours and performing arts shows across the world.

Our expert and friendly team is comprised of registered matrons, chaperones and theatre professionals with years of experience. We all work very hard behind the scenes to produce a safe working environment and a smooth-running show for all of our clients. 

We continue to present new and interesting opportunities for dance schools to grow and learn in a way that they truly deserve! Combining a passion for dance, over 30 years’ experience and a mission to broaden the aspirations for performers of all ages; Smile Productions aims to deliver fantastic dance tours and performing arts shows across the world.

If you’re really keen on getting your child involved in festivals, we’d be happy to help! Get in touch with us today for a free entry pack.

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