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A Day in The Life of a New York Broadway Dancer

If you’re a dance enthusiast, we can almost guarantee that your mind often wanders to thoughts of dancing on Broadway, and thinks longingly about the lives of those lucky enough to perform on Boadway and stages in New York for a living. We honestly don’t blame you! After all, it’s a magical, fantastical and sequin-filled world of wonder and fun.

Are you hungry to know more about a day in the life of a New York Broadway dancer? Luckily for you, here at Smile Productions, we have years of experience in the performance industry and can give all you dancers the gossip and insight about Broadway life for professional dancers.

Also, the chance of being able to perform in New York in a Broadway production doesn’t just have to be a dream due to dance holidays… but you’ll need to read more to find out how you can get yourself on these incredible stages!

Early Starts

Our beloved Broadway performers don’t spend much time lounging around in bed in the mornings, especially on show day! They actually have to get up and get going in the morning, as it’s important that they get to class with enough time to warm up and stretch properly to avoid injury.

Not only do dancers need to warm up their muscles and loosen up, but they may also need time to prepare their shoes. Take pointe dancers for example. A professional pointe dancer goes through around 100 pointe shoes in a season! This means they’ll need to show up even earlier if they need to sew their ribbons and darn the platform of their shoe before class begins.

Also, let’s talk New York traffic… if these lovely Broadway dancers want to get to their important rehearsal or extra class on time, they’re going to need to be up and at it to beat the traffic. They don’t want to be in their dance teacher’s bad books or be late for an important audition!

Nutritious Meals

Broadway dancers need to look after their bodies to make sure they can perform to the best of their ability. This not only means a rigorous exercise routine alongside their rehearsals but it also means they should have nutritious meals that’ll give them the strength and energy they need for their busy lifestyles and schedules.

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

This one is a given. Regardless of whether there is a big Broadway show coming up or not, Broadway dancers will often be found in the studio rehearsing non-stop. For big shows, rehearsal can start anywhere from 16 weeks before the show, with rehearsals occurring most days of the week. If there isn’t a show or event in the pipeline, Broadway dancers will still be training and practising to keep up their skills whilst ensuring they retain their strength and flexibility.

After all, it takes a lot of time, dedication and practice to finalise those moves, perfect those turns and master the epic leaps and jumps that are required of a Broadway dancer!

If you’re a dance teacher with a school of pupils looking to one day end up on Broadway, organising dance holidays can be a great way to expose them to the world of Broadway and show them exactly what it means to be a Broadway dancer. We believe this kind of insight is invaluable to encourage, develop and support your little superstars.

Multiple Classes

These professional Broadway dancers are quite literally, all singing and all dancing! Often, to be a performer on Broadway, you’ll need some kind of experience in singing and acting as well as dancing. This means Broadway stars must attend several classes throughout the week, each one focusing on different aspects of performance.

To be able to develop and grow as a Broadway performer, it’s important that you have a wide skill set to help you get that dream audition. You want to show up to an audition ready for anything… you’ll never know what a director might throw at you!

Costume Fittings

Other than the amazing dance skills, a costume can really make a dancer. For proper Broadway productions, dancers get custom-made costumes that are made to fit them perfectly.

Forget baggy or ill-fitting leotards or trousers that are too long – Broadway dancers are fit with proper costumes that can allow them to perform at their best with the risk of wardrobe malfunctions significantly reduced.

Show Time

By far the most exciting aspect of a Broadway dancers life is when it comes to showtime. This will take up the majority of their time, but not a single day will feel like a chore or work. As the saying goes, if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life!

Showtime involves that all-too-familiar feeling of butterflies in the stomach, the smell of hairspray and glitter absolutely everywhere. No matter how many shows Broadway dancers have been involved in, each one will be an unforgettable experience (and often very emotional too).

Shows can last for a couple of weeks and can happen during the week and on weekdays. This can also include matinee and evening performances so it can be pretty full on! As tiring as it may be for these dancers, the after-show buzz is totally worth it, and so is that standing ovation!

Experience it for Yourself

There’s only one way to truly know the life of a Broadway dancer, and that’s through a dance holiday! Here at Smile Productions, we can organise incredible and memorable trips to New York to allow dance troops the opportunity to experience Broadway life and even showcase their skills on Broadway stages.

Please feel free to get in touch with us today to discuss how we can get you and your dance school on the dance holiday of their dreams. We work closely with the dance teachers, dancers and parents of the dancers to put together a life-changing trip that is enjoyable for everyone whilst giving young and aspiring dancers the chance to experience Broadway in real life.

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