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5 Step Pocket Guide to Taking Your Dance Troops To Vegas

Have you always wanted to take your loyal and talented dance school on a dance holiday of a lifetime? Whilst it can sound like a fantastic idea, many dance teachers can become overwhelmed and completely put-off by the processes involved. (We don’t blame you, it’s such a big deal!)

With so much to think about including booking flights, transfers and accommodation, as well as organising the routines for the show or event, the idea of jetting off to Vegas with your little super-stars can seem like an impossible dream. However, there’s a solution to your worries…

Smile Productions are a leading supplier of dance holiday experiences for dance schools all across the UK. With years of experience in helping parents and dance teachers to organise their international dance holidays, we’ve compiled some of our top tips to help dance teachers organise the perfect Vegas dance holiday. With this pocket guide, you can reward your students with a dance holiday that’ll leave them with stars in their eyes.

Whilst we can give recommendations on all the essentials of your trip including travel and accommodation, there are still some important things that you’ll need to think about before you embark on your dance holiday. After helping all kinds of dance principles organise their dance holidays for their students, we’ve gained valuable insight and tips on how to book these elements of your trip to Vegas.

1. Decide on the Purpose of Your Trip

Are you planning on visiting Las Vegas to attend the Smile Productions big showcase? If so, you should probably consider why you are taking your troops to this show, so you can make the most out of every second! The purpose of your trip will impact your timetable and itinerary, so you’ll need to make sure you identify the purpose of your trip in advance.

For example, your trip may be to reward your students with a dance holiday after their hard work during exam season. It could also be an educational trip to give your students valuable insight into the life of a Vegas show performer by giving them the opportunity to perform on the famous Sax Theatre.

Do you need some recommendations on how to spend your free time? Luckily, there’s so much going on in Vegas that you’ll never be short for choice! For example, you can:

  • Visit Wet and Wild Las Vegas, an amazing waterpark perfect for students of all ages
  • Take in the magnificent sites of the Grand Canyon
  • Get a bedazzled lollipop from one of Las Vegas’s famous candy stores
  • Watch the Bellagio’s water show

If you’re looking to reward your dance school with a dance holiday, perhaps after a busy exam session, this is the perfect trip for you! There are so many exciting activities in Las Vegas that you can plan to do on a budget due to many of them being free!

2. Plan Your Routine

This is where you come in. As a professional dance tutor, you’ll want to showcase your school and get your name seen worldwide! What better place to do this than Vegas. If you’re attending the Smile Productions showcase, pick routines that will wow the audience and leave the crowd roaring with applause!

Don’t forget to factor in the entertainment value when choreographing as well as costumes. There’s absolutely no such thing as “over the top” in Vegas, so have fun, be creative and bring your best work to showcase your school.

We recommend that you really plan in advance to avoid any stress on the day. Travelling to Las Vegas for a dance holiday should be a fun experience for all involved. With the routines perfected by you and your school, it should be a joyous event that’ll go down in the history of your dance school, and leave you all with memories to treasure and last a lifetime!

3. What do You Need to Take with You?

Surprisingly, it can be quite hard to know what to pack for a dance holiday to Vegas. We at Smile Productions get many questions from all kinds of tutors about this! Once again, it comes down to the nature of your trip…

For example, for the showcase, you’ll need to think about costumes and shoes needed. Your costumes will, of course, need to be fabulous. However, they also need to be easy to pack into a suitcase without taking up too much room or becoming creased on the journey.

Remember, your students will need to pack casual clothes, as well as essentials such as toiletries and underwear. Think of it as a normal holiday, but with the addition of costumes, shoes, hairspray, makeup, glitter… you get the gist!

4. Are Parents Invited?

If you’re a dance tutor organising your trip to give your students the chance to perform on some of the most famous stages in Vegas, you’ll need to consider if parents are coming or not. It can be great for children to have their parents there for support, and parents will not want to miss out on their little stars doing what they do best.

The beauty of the Smile Productions Las Vegas dance holiday is that parents can independently plan their holiday to suit their budget and requirements. Smile Productions can assist parents by providing valuable information about the area such as recommendations as to where to stay and how to get some of the best deals.

5. Will you Leave time to Meet the Stars?

When in Vegas, it’d be a shame not to meet some of your student’s idols and role models! You’ll need to keep your schedule open to have time to meet them.

After thinking about your routine for so long, as well as planning all the other excursions you’d like to organise for your trip, it’s all too easy to forget about this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet some of the big names and faces of Vegas.

Luckily for you, Smile Productions will remind you of this when helping you to plan your dance holiday so you don’t miss out on watching some of the biggest stars of Vegas perform and taking in a show. After all, no dance holiday would be complete without some autographs from someone mega famous!

Plan Your Dance Holiday Today!

A dance holiday to Las Vegas doesn’t need to be a stressful, almost-impossible experience. With the help of Smile Productions, we help you to organise a fantastic dance holiday to a prime performance location in the world!

All you need to do is get in touch and let us know all about the trip you want to organise for your dancers. With our knowledge, passion and experience for all things Vegas, we’ll be able to give you all the insight and recommendations you need to plan your dance holiday to the best of your ability. This will leave you with more time to crack on with the important things such as choreographing incredible routines that’ll blow parents and the people of Vegas away!

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